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True You - female portrait, flowing hair, flower detail.

True You - female portrait, flowing hair, flower detail.

Adding gesso to blend charcoal and pastels.

Adding gesso to blend charcoal and pastels.

Adding depth, style, and cohesiveness.

Adding depth, style, and cohesiveness.


"True You" - Charcoal and Pastels with Gesso Painting Class.

Students with all level of art experience will enjoy this class. A PDF file will be supplied with face reference. This mixed media painting class will teach how to paint by moving the powdery medium of charcoal and pastels by using gesso and acrylic. 


After prepping our paper or canvas with gesso, we will draw a female portrait using a photo reference.

Creating female portrait drawing.

Creating female portrait drawing.

The first layer of color is applied using charcoal and chalk pastels. We will use line work to create movement.

Detailing face

Detailing face

For our second layer, we will apply gesso to move, blend, and seal our charcoal and pastels. We will learn brush strokes that create flowing hair and blending mediums to create darks and lights. 

Although our lady starts with blonde hair, flat flowers, and no clothing, we will create a stylish coat, add depth and details to the flowers in her hair, and create cohesiveness and balanced painting.

Creating an edgy.

Creating an edgy.

As an added bonus lesson: You will be able to change the color of your girl's hair to pink. Use a scrubbing motion with your brush to blend gesso and acrylic. Clean and soften your edges using a baby wipe.


Added Bonus:

Playing with what we enjoy.

Playing with what we enjoy.

Encouragement Video:

"Inner Critic ~ Friend or Foe"

I have included an additional video where I share tips and encouragement on how to listen to the inner critic, turning that negative voice into a positive voice. 


Class Preview:

This class is full of tips: 

* How to blend charcoal and pastels resulting in a painterly style.

* How to blend gesso with charcoal and pastels to create lights, darks, and mid-tones.

* How to create flowing hair with directional brush strokes.

* How to add an aged look to a paintings background.

* How to create a 3-D look to your flowers. 

* How to bring a cohesiveness to the overall painting by balancing color throughout.

Supply List:True You

Please use supplies you have. The colors below are only a suggestion. 

  • Watercolor paper, 140 lb. or Canvas

  • White Gesso (I use Liqutex)

  • Charcoal - black (I use stick and vine)

  • Chalk pastels - Any color you are attracted to.

  • Acrylic paint:

    • Unbleached Titanium - Basics Liqutex

    • Baby Pink - Americana

    • Burnt Umber - M. Graham & Co.

    • Deep Violet - Basics Liqutex

    • Acapulco - Apple Barrel

  • Brushes:

    • Flat (1/2 or 3/8) or Oval

    • Detail or Rigger

  • Stabilo-All pencil (black)

  • Staedtler pencil - 8B, Mars Lumograph black

  • Fine Line Applicator (filled with white acrylic)

  • Paper towels or rags

  • Baby wipes

  • Water bowl

  • Palette