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Adding distressed stain.

Adding distressed stain.

Adding details to create dramatic imagery.

Adding details to create dramatic imagery.

The Arms of Love - Acrylic & Ink Painting

Students with all level of art experience will enjoy this class. A PDF file will be supplied to help with drawing the silhouette. This mixed media painting will offer focal point placement, creating lights, darks and mid-tones, as well as using detail to create dramatic imagery. 


In this class, we will first prep our substrate, practice our focal point - the female silhouette, and then transfer her to our canvas or paper.

Creating silhouette template to transfer image to canvas.

Creating silhouette template to transfer image to canvas.

The first layer of color is applied using Ranger - distressed stains. Once dry, using gesso, we will blend our background and silhouette.

Checking value after adding collage.

Checking value after adding collage.

For our second layer of color, we will add collage to create texture and tone. Using our camera's gray scale setting, we will check our values. This collage layer will be unified into our painting using acrylic paints, Stabilo-All pencil, and gesso. 


We will finish our painting by adding fine details to complete our story of how love helps us to stand in the face of chaos.


This class is full of tips on creating shapes and texture using collage and acrylic paints for lights, darks, and mid-tones. Our finished painting will have a balanced transition from chaos to calm and will offer a dramatic statement of how we stand in the arms of love.


Class Preview:


Supply List:

The Arms of Love

Please use supplies you have. The colors below are only a suggestion. 

  • Canvas or watercolor paper

  • Collage papers

  • Carbon paper

  • Gel Medium or Mod Podge

  • White Gesso or white acrylic paint

  • Ranger - Distressed Stain: (You can also use any water-soluble colored inks.)

    • Spiced Marmalade

    • Broken China

    • Fired Brick

  • Acrylic paint:

    • Cherry Cobbler (Craftsmart)

    • Turquoise (Craftsmart

    • Cadmium Yellow (M. Graham & Co)

  • Brushes: Flat (1/2 or 3/8); Detail or small round (#1 or #2)

  • Stabilo-All pencil

  • Charcoal pencil

  • Palette knife or used credit/gift card

  • Camera or phone for gray scale pictures

  • Paper towels or rags

  • Water bowl

  • Palette