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"I See My Dream" - Suspender Girl

"I See My Dream" - Suspender Girl

Color mixing.

Color mixing.

Using acrylic for background.

Using acrylic for background.

Suspender Girls

"I See My Dream"

This girl was inspired by a photograph of a fellow artist friend, Tamarah Phillips and the process of building light colors on top of darks. "I See My Dreams"  is part of  my Suspender Girl series.

See Tamarah's art here:

Drawing facial features.

Drawing facial features.

In our first video, we will draw the face, hand, and clothing using a proportion technique. We will use images of a hand and clothing as reference to assist us with details. 


I have included a bonus video showing how I mix acrylic paints with the glazing medium to create facial color.


We will be layering our colors using a glaze medium, which adds transparency as well as blending feature to the acrylic paints.

Acrylic and glazing medium.

Acrylic and glazing medium.

In this class, we will explore creating bold contrasts by forming a dark background that places our subject into the light.

Painting hair and clothing.

Painting hair and clothing.

Our unique addition of teal hair and orange shirt will give our girl additional features that grab the viewers attention . And the final touch of a dandelion brings whimsy to our portrait. It reminds us to never stop dreaming of what could be, if we just believe. 

Creating dandelion.

Creating dandelion.


Class Preview



This class is full of tips: 

* Learn to draw using the proportion method. 

* Blending light colors over dark colors and darks over lights.

* How to blend acrylic paint with glazing medium to create transparency.

* Create bold contrast with a dark background and high lighted areas on focal point.

* Telling a story by adding whimsical features. 

* Creating intrigueing details with colorful line work. 

Supply List:

Suspender Girls - Acrylic Painting Series

Please use supplies you have. The colors below are only a suggestion. 

  • Watercolor paper - 140 lb. or Canvas

  • Gray scale app - of choice. (Android - Moody preference on photo app.)

  • Drawing Pencil - 2HB

  • Ruler

  • Palette knife (for color mixing)

  • Glazing medium

  • Acrylic paint:

    • Burnt Umber - M. Graham & Co.

    • Olive Green - M. Graham & Co.

    • Cadmium Yellow - M. Graham & Co.

    • Pumpkin Orange - Apple Barrel

    • Holiday Red - Craftsmart

    • Turquoise - Craftsmart

    • Light Green - Apple Barrel

    • Titanium White - Liquitex

    • Unbleached Titanium - Liquitex Basics

  • Sepia - Golden Fluid Acrylic

  • Vine charcoal

  • Brushes:

    • Flat (1/2 or 3/8) or Oval or Round (Okay to use what you have.)

  • Paper towels or rags

  • Baby wipes

  • Water bowl

  • Palette