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Do you have a question about how I create my art, a technique, tool, or blog post? I will be hosting Facebook Live events once a month, the second Tuesday at 12:00pm PST. 

Feel free to complete the form below, which will go directly to my email so that I can create an art demo, chat, or studio exploration for our next Facebook Live event.

**Questions will need to be submitted no later than the end of the month to be addressed during the following month's event.** 

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artist pamela vosseller self portrait


August 08/14/18 - Gesso over Charcoal.

Q. How do you start a painting? - Shirley C.

A. I use charcoal to lay down a drawing. It is easier to remove than pencil

Q. Do you paint from live models or do you use photos. - Lisa B

A. Because I mostly paint in my studio, I use copy-right free photos or my own photos.

Q. Do you teach classes or can I see a video on how you paint? - Jill F.

A. Yes, I teach online. You can find my classes thru the link above in the header.

Q. What kind of paints do you use? Can I use craft paints? - Bobbie K.

A. I use both craft and professional paints. I like the transparency of craft paints because there is less pigment. And love professional for the excellent coverage.

Q. Do you paint on canvas or paper? - Shelly L.

A. I paint on both canvas and watercolor paper, but I am currently painting on birch panels that have a layer of gesso over the wood.

Q. How long have you been painting to get where you are now? - Carolyn D.

A. I started painting as a young girl, but professionally since 1992.


This video had an abrupt ending...darn! I did a 2nd short closure video, which thanked everyone for coming and gave the link to the White Ladies class.



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