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Art Explorer.

I teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced artists to experiment and explore art techniques that will support their art journey.


Hello and Welcome...

I've learned painting our creation can become its own persona. Relaxing into it allows us to develop in a direction we might not have even imagined. 

I teach what can happen when you try multipule art mediums either alone or in combination of each other. I want to share with you the excitement and joy of creating, when we embrace the journey.

Will you be fearless with me?

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Pamela Vosseller Artist

"Art washes away from the soul

the dust of ever day life."

- Picasso.



Art Classes

My art instruction classes will teach you to explore art mediums that include acrylic, collage, charcoal, graphite, oils, watercolors, and encaustics. We'll experiment with portraits, the human form, floras, and landscapes. My classes are for both the beginner and the established artist.

You can also visit my free art videos for added inspiration...Free Art Videos.

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"Creativity takes Courage."

- Henri Matisse.



Free Art Videos

Are you needing inspiration, motivation, or art ideas to get your creativity flowing? Try one of these free art videos. New videos are added monthly to help you explore art techniques for creating paintings or art journal pages. And if you are searching for more detailed learning, experimenting, and exploration then check out my ART CLASS videos. For more free art videos visit my Marabu Art Supply page!

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What Student's are Saying:


"...Amazing and inspiring."

Student - Rosie H.

"I have...learnt so much playing with the techniques...Thank you so much for the lovely inspirational lesson."

Student - Dianne C.



Blog Posts


I believe art should tell a story, and I find that we are attracted to creation through the connection of our stories. In my blog posts you will be able to read about how I create my art and maybe fine a bit of yourself in the journey.


What will happen if we try something different?

What will we miss if we never try?