Face & Hands Tutorials


Have you always wanted to learn how to paint faces and hands? There are some simple (non-scary) techniques that can help you to get started.

In the majority of my online art classes, I cover some basics of face drawing. However, I like to make sure we have enough time to cover in detail the entire creation of our paintings. So I have included some free tutorials and reference material to help you, if you need in-depth assistance on creating faces and hands.

I know when I first started drawing faces and hands, there was so much information it was overwhelming. And I wanted to learn exactly what I needed to do to get a face to look right. I had to learn facial proportions and structure.

My First Face.

My First Face.

My face after three years of classes.

My face after three years of classes.


How To Videos: Drawing Face and Hand Features

I have included below some easy to follow videos and reference material that will assist you. Artist Florian Geyer's video is quite complete, however, I have to be honest, I no longer mark out every 1/2 and 1/4 mark, when drawing a face.

I have been asked several times, how do I draw my faces? The video below is a short tutorial, showing my typical process for designing faces. I do not paint realism, but I love to create portraits using a photo reference as my muse.

I did enjoy these How To Videos  from artists Josiah Jazza Brooks and Florian Geyer, and found them to be very helpful when drawing proportional facial and hand features.

You are free to use the references below to help you with your paintings.


Artist: Pamela Vosseller


Artist: Florian Geyer (Murals, artworks and other helpful article ► http://www.derkunstwerker.de )


Artist: Josiah Jazza Brooks (Download the reference files: http://bit.ly/DWJ_HandPoses . Get the Tutorial Archive (and more!): http://www.jazzastudios.com/Shop.php )


Templates and References: Face and Hand

face proportions.JPG
hand proportions.JPG
nose proportions 2.jpg
nose proportions.JPG
lip proportions.JPG
lip proportions 2.JPG
eyes proportions.JPG