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Acrylic painting
Class Tip: Using Wet Stabilo-All pencil.

Class Tip: Using Wet Stabilo-All pencil.


Cotton-Candy Florals - Acrylic Painting


This is an excellent class for beginners...intermediate and advance students will also enjoy the instruction of color blocking as well as the use of small details to capture a paintings depth.


In this class, we will first add color blocking to our background, which will create that modern feel to our finished piece. 

Class Tip: Sanding to create smooth edges.

Class Tip: Sanding to create smooth edges.

The cotton-candy flowers are created with a stipple technique. We will start with our lightest colors and build up to create volume. Fine details will be added with darks and contrast to make our flowers pop. Whimsy will explode with curly-Qs and flower tendrils created with a fine acrylic applicator. 

Modeling paste stencil acrylic painting

Finally, (this is optional), we will stencil a unique flair to the painting by adding a stenciled raised pattern to the corner of our painting using modeling paste. 


This class is full of tips for enhancing lights and darks, grounding our focal point, softening edges, creating texture, and just having loads of fun


Class Preview

Supply List:

Cotton-Candy Florals

  • Canvas or watercolor paper

  • Artist Tape (blue)

  • Acrylic paint:

    • Acapulco (Apple Barrel)

    • Deep Violet (Liquitex-Basics)

    • Black Gesso or acrylic paint

    • Unbleached Titanium (Liquitex-Basic)

    • Pinks: I used...Baby Pink (Americana); Brilliant Pink (FolkArt); Fuchsia (Craft Smart); Medium Magenta (Liquitex-Basic) ***you can use any pinks***

  • Gesso (white)

  • Brushes: Flat (1"); Round (2) or any small round for details, and Round (8)- any round will work, one you won't mind smashing down bristles for stippling.

  • Stabilo-All Pencil

  • Bone folder or burnishing tool

  • Sandpaper: 220 grit

  • Fine Line Applicator: (See class preview video.)

  • Paper towels or rags

  • Baby wipes

  • Water bowl

  • Palette

  • Optional: (used to add raised stencil in corner-bonus video)

    • Stencil of choice

    • Modeling paste

    • Palette knife or used credit card