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Ladies In White

This class has three sessions, which include three separate full length courses using acrylic paint, inks, and charcoal to create female portraits. This class will also Include bonus lessons on the study of white paint, the Master artists known for their white paint use, templates to aid in face and detail drawing, and over ten hours of instruction on how to use white acrylic paint as your paintings focal point.


female portrait acrylic collage and ink

"The Pink Garden"

"The Lady of Heather"

collage acrylic and ink portrait

"Northern Lights"



What will you learn in the class:

  • Painting female portrait.

  • How to include the different tones of white acrylic in your painting.

  • Using water soluble stains to create glow and foundation.

  • Telling a story with your creation.

  • How to use collage to create texture.

  • How to paint directly on Baltic birch panel.

  • Using dry brushing technique to blend and create drama.

  • Creating a bold statement using complementary and high contrasting colors.

  • Applying acrylic in a glazing technique to add a rich glow to your painting.

  • How to incorporate stencils into your art to add design and create interest.

  • Using brush strokes to show movement and clothing transparency.

  • Building depth by adding heavy strokes of paint.


Project One: In The Pink Garden

 "In The Pink Garden" is a collage and acrylic painting on canvas. Our female portrait stands eloquently with a backdrop of blooming cherry blossom trees.

In this four-part session we will adhere collage papers to build texture and movement in our background, draw our female portrait, and continue to add depth by applying layers of dark and light colors. We will add an engaging background and finishing off with details to create a figure with piercing eyes and a sheer dress that blends with the delicacy being carried through out the painting. 

session one part four.png

Project Two: Northern Lights

"Northern Lights" is collage, stains/inks, and acrylic on birch panel. This magical and thought provoking imagery reflects on the push and pull of light and dark. Our female portrait is mystical with her towering hair as she is surrounded in night time flora and movement.

In this four part session we start by prepping our panel, adding collage, and drawing the female portrait. (Face template provided.) Brilliant stains/inks are painted on as our first layer of highlight and shadow. Additional layers of white, cream, orange, teal, and sepia are built upon to create richness and depth. We develop design in her clothing and hair as well as creating a black background without using black. We will finish by adding stencil work to create movement to blend foreground with background.

image two 2.png
image three.png
iamge four.png

Project Three: The Lady of Heather

"The Lady of Heather" is our final project in our Ladies in White series. She is created using charcoal, gesso, and acrylic on canvas. She is reflects a regal Scottish love story as she walks among the heather beauty of her home.

In this five part session, we will start by drawing out female figure with charcoal. We will activate and seal the charcoal with gesso and add layers of sepia for shadows. We will create movement and energy in our background with brush strokes, high contrast, and stenciled foliage. Our painting will be finished with facial details, creating shear clothing, line work, and a balance of color that adds a glow to our painting.

image one.png
image two.png
image three.png


Class Preview: